Teachers' Digital Workshop

We train teachers with the use of 21st century tools through teacher's computer literacy workshop programme, such as Geo education app and other application that can aid teaching and learning in 21st century. Education is revolving, hence the needs of teachers to be technology inclined. We breed smart teachers by equipping them with digital skills required to deliver smartly.

Computer literacy for children

We educate Students of marginalised and undersered communities with computer literacy through workshop. We educate them on computer literacy and how to be safe while using the internet.

Youth Empowerment programme

We empower youth with digital skills such as web development, web application development, mobile application development, Digital marketing, UI/UX, etc. through our workshop training.


Business men and women digital workshop

We empower business men and women on how to digitalize their businesses and orientiate them on the use of modern technology to make their business more efficient and accessible to a wider audience. We guide business men and women on step-to-step usage and mastery of the digital tools.

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